el flech entertainment / hands and luxe magnets

Already recognized by the most fashionable shops as a "funny" newcomer in the wonderful world of design, el flech is definitely a "magnet maniac"...

He is constantly adding final touches to his magnetic creations, genuine "de luxe magnets", in his Parisian workshop located in the Menilmontant neighborhood. Most of all, they are to play with, but his technical demand and his distinct taste for noble materials and simplicity of design, make his creations both pleasing to the eye and easy to use.

Though a craftsman who makes to order and a limited edition maker, his catalogue is nevertheless rich with attractive and affordable gadgets such as his magnetic "key-catchers" which take the shape of hands, hearts, skulls, dogs or little people and fetishes. More, you can find there flower vases, key-rings, photo-holders, pen-holders, cd-holders, leather jewelery, ashtrays, etc.
His whole production is an ideal collection of original and handy gifts either for yourself, or to offer. Thanks to him you will be able to display your favorite postcards or photos, put out your cigarette and take care of your flowers. Or once and for all, get lucky, keep your keys in sight, hang up your rings, your scarves or the dog's leash!

So, if you are interested or simply intrigued by his creations, do not hesitate to contact him at: info@elflech.com

And after shopping do not forget to visit his gallery where his "coups de coeur" are permanently exhibited, as well as the works of friends and from time to time, some of his own works - not necessarily magnetic...


el flech entertainment \ 1, rue sorbier, 75020 paris \ t./f. : +33 (0)1 43 58 53 35 \ www.elflech.com \ info@elflech.com